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Why Choose Us

  • We have conducted our missions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America in a wide variety of industries computers, electromechanical devices, food, insurances, medical devices, semi-conductors, telecommunications … Please refer to our references.
  • Our specialty is sales in the widest sense from sales force management to channel management; from sales techniques to financial dynamics in sales. Please refer to our training modules
  • We have developed a collection of methods that will enable you to align your sales effort to your strategy. Please refer to our bookshelf.

Beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria or Ammophila brevigulata in its American variety) is a remarkable plant used for the stilling of moving or shifting sands. Not only can it endure the onslaught of the wind, it also thrives under burial by sand, to which it responds by growing up vigorously through the covering sand. At dry times, its leaves will roll up to preserve moisture. Beachgrass can be planted in almost any eroding, sandy area. Hence it is a good symbol for sales people who operate in difficult environments, have to be resilient and who are crucial to the survival of their company. This is why we have chosen it to name our company.

At Beachgrass Consulting, we specialise in helping companies reduce their business vulnerabilities by implementing more resilient Sales Systems. Our mission is to help our customers where it counts: their revenue generation.

Our team of consultants offers a broad expertise on the subject, acquired through years of experience with renowned companies throughout the world. We have developed a unique, proprietary Sales Management Framework and a set of assesment tools. Let us work with you to build a Sales System that will stand the test of time and ensure your continued success.