How satisfied are our customers?
How do they compare us to our competitors?
What are our sales force's selling skills?
How high is the engagement of our sales people?

Thanks to our analytical methods, we can through surveys help you answer such questions and many more.


Online surveys offer many benefits:

1. Speed: In a couple of weeks you have on your desk the statistically analyzed results and the survey conclusions.
2. Worldwide reach: Our surveys can be conducted internationally in various languages.
3. High response rate: Our surveys have more than 50% response rates.
4. Complete answers: They provide statistically significant results.
5. Qualified answers: Only selected persons can complete the questionnaire and only once, which ensure the results validity.
6. Minimal intrusion: The selected persons can at any time leave the questionnaire and take it back where they have left it.
7. Reduced costs: 
Response data entry is done by interviewees directly in our database.

The sales force’s skills and engagement assessments we have conducted provided our clients with detailed evaluations of the selling skills of their sales people which led to a redesign of their job pre-requisites and job description or to the overhaul redesign of their sales training programs. Our measurements of the job energizers allowed our clients to deploy new training in sales management techniques and tools. [GE-Bayer, HP, Haemonetics, La Suisse, NextiraOne, ST Microelectronics]

Thanks to our questionnaire structure and use of statistics, our online customer satisfaction surveys have shown our clients the actual needs and expectations of their customers. Because they delivered detailed, actionable data, our clients have been able to implement changes that improve their customers’ satisfaction level as it could be measured in subsequent surveys. [Cicorel, HP, PMILU, Welch Allyn]

We have conducted distribution network reviews to help our clients to assess their channel partners’ strengths and weaknesses in operating working capital, financial structure, logistics capabilities and sales management.[HP, invensys, Lesaffre Overseas, Medtronic]