How can we translate our overall strategy into a sales strategy?
What can we do to develop our sales?
Which distribution channel will deliver our growth objectives?
How can we use our financial position to increase our market share?

In our consulting projects, we help our clients to find answers to such questions.

The Sales Management Framework

Our Sales Management Framework answers the question “What does a business need to succeed?” Starting from the top management’s vision and business strategy down to the tasks executed by the Sales Force, we have identified the most critical sales-related elements and structured them into a 4-layer framework, somewhat matching a typical sales management structure.

At the top, the Objectives layer starts with the vision of where the company must go and the strategy to go there. The definition of the strategy mainly consists of answering the following questions:

  • What are the investment rules?
  • What are the targets?
  • What is the business model?

The main outcome of the Objectives layer is the clarification of the company’s competitive advantage.

Next comes the Means layer, which covers the structural aspects of the business organisation necessary to support the strategy. Choices made when defining the strategy will directly impact the structure (levels of management, decision-making processes...), the selling skills and the sales support systems (IT, logistics, technical support...). Moreover, structure, skills and systems must be suited to each other.

The Methods level describes the sales management tools and processes needed to implement the strategy in the field. As with the Means layer, the selection of Forecasting, Motivation and Monitoring tools and processes are a consequence of choices made at the level above. However, the link upwards is usually looser and more human-related factors are involved.

Last but not least, the Actions level lists all the tasks involved in the making of the business on a regular basis.

Selecting the right profiles, driving a direct sales force and providing it with the adequate selling tools (CRM, SFA, etc.) are frequent challenges we have helped our clients to address. Our HAIR© program enabled their sales managers to increase the level of commitment and motivation within their sales teams and to get the best from them. [HP, Haemonetics, La Suisse, Medtronic]

Aligning the objectives and metrics of manufacturer and its distributors is an important step to foster trust and cooperation needed their common struggle to reduce expenses and improve efficiency. Our “business academies” developed for some of our clients have been key building blocks in this alignment. They are based on an analysis of the challenges posed to the corresponding industry in terms of speed of change, product life cycles, and sale cycle lengths. They address financial challenges, inventory management techniques, sales and marketing tools, organizational structure designs, time metrics, etc.[HP, invensys, Welch Allyn]

Key account management is not the province of the sole sales force. It should be a company-wide effort. We have developed a framework and its corresponding tools to ensure that communications and actions are coordinated and regular. It addresses the right messages to the right levels within the key accounts. It provides an updated view of the development of the various opportunities within the account. It also enables a measurement of the invested amount of sales and marketing efforts in each key account. [HP, NextiraOne]

Identifying and selecting the distribution partners who will deliver your strategy is crucial to meet your growth objectives. Changes in product lines, competition increasing intensity and customers’ easier access to information make this even more complex. Our experience and knowledge of distribution in the B2B space have allowed us to guide our clients in restructuring their distribution networks. Tools like our partner mapping or our DEAR© program have boosted the trust between our clients and their distributors and hence have boosted their sales.[invensys, Welch Allyn]