Do we have the right sales tools for our growth objectives?
How do we actually measure our sales people’s performance?
How could we improve our sales pipeline management?
Are our sales managers getting the best of their sales teams?

Once a clear view of your sales force’s skills has been established and your sales strategy has been set, we can support you in the implementation of this strategy by designing and delivering tailor-made training programs.


Quite often our clients ask us to implement our recommendations. This implies to train their sales managers, sales people and often the order processing or customer-service staff.

Our training seminars are tailor-made on modules we adapt to our clients’ business strategy and environment.

The following list is an excerpt of our catalogue of modules :



B2B Prospecting Techniques

Customer bases tend to shrink over time. Prospecting is essential to maintain or grow your business. Your products are changing, so are your customers’ needs. You need to find new sources of revenues.

Importance of B2B prospecting; Comparisons of prospecting techniques; Do’s & Dont’s in mail pieces, e-mail shots, letters, cold calls, referrals, fairs; Putting together a comprehensive program and tracking its costs and results.

Sales Force Management

Your sales force is what makes your company exist. It consumes a lot of your resources. What to do to get the most out of it? What motivates people? How do you measure your sales force’s performance? How do you drive it to its best level? Our HAIR program is what will help you sharpen your sales fore to your company success.

Sales Manager’s Role; Staffing, directing, driving, measuring sales people; Motivation factors; HAIR program with workshop.

Customer Portfolio Management

All your customers are not producing the same effects on your profit. According to US studies, 30% of your customers produce 125% of your profit. Who are they? How much cost your customers? What can you do to improve your profitability? Which customers should you keep? Which should you drop ? Where and how much to invest in new customers?

Analysis of existing customer base; Strategy and customers alignment; Attractiveness-Position Map; cost-to-serve; customer value creation; action plans; Workshops on Attractiveness- Position Map and cost-to-serve.

Strategic Account Management

Strategic accounts are your large accounts and those accounts that will support your future. Large accounts are the most dangerous ones: if you lose one of them, you will notice it in your top line. What to sell them? How to sell to them? How to communicate with them? How much profit does each one of them contribute to your bottom line? What are your competitors doing at this account? Our Strategic Account Plan methodology will help your sales people answer effectively these questions.

Account Knowledge; Account Relationships; Products & Services; Account as a Market; Account Plan; Workshops on Account Knowledge and cost-to-serve.

Channel Management

Sales channels (distributors, resellers, retailers, etc.) are needed in many expansion strategies: to sell to small accounts, to enter new geographies, to offer complete solutions to customers,… However, managing them is not that simple. How do you manage the often conflictual relationship? What drives a distributor? How do you align your distributors with your company’s strategy? How to ensure an optimal territory coverage? Our Channel Management course will provide you with the tools and techniques to answer all these questions and many more.

Why to use a channel; Managing the relationship; Channel’s business drivers; Basics of inventory management; Business levers; Account Management; Planning and managing a distribution network.

Building Value Perception

The central role of a sale person is to help the prospect to appreciate the value of what is being offered. The more the prospect will perceive the value as important to him or her, the less he or she will negotiate its price. This module shows how the sale person can, thanks to appropriate questions, increase the prospect’s perception of the value of what is offered.

What is value? ; How can it be shown? ; From perception to conviction.

Forecasting & Sales Cycles

Good forecasting is needed to improve return on working capital (RWC) while limiting losses of opportunities. Poor forecasting has devastating effects on profitability. Forecasting is both an art and a technique. We have developed a solid process to forecast B2B sales based on the analysis of the sales cycle.

Sales cycle; Sales Cycle lengths; Probabilities of a sale; Sales funnel; Funnel management; Funnel and forecast; Leading indicator; Forecasting techniques and tools; Use of CRM or SFA to improve forecast accuracy.

Complex Sales Selling Techniques

A complex sale is a sale in which there are many players (experts, users, decision-makers, etc.). To win complex sales, one must gain in-depth understanding of the objectives and motives of each player. One must move ahead in a safe step-by-step manner.  We have developed a model based on three phases during which sharp questions are asked to the various players of the complex sales. These questions are elaborated during workshops with your sales people.

What is complex sale? ; Decision Making Unit [DMU] ; Push & Pull Techniques; Why questions? ; Qualification and analysis; Proposition and Presentation; Closing.

Finance for Sales & Marketing Managers

Money is at the heart of business. Accounting is about recording and measuring business activities in money terms. Finance is about how to use accounting numbers to direct business. It is very useful for sales managers and marketing managers to understand the basics of account and finance to understand their B2B customers’ challenges in financial terms and to appreciate the impact of their decisions on both their company and their customers.

Accounting basics; Understanding Key Ratios; Reading Financial Documents (P&L, Bal. sheet); Finding useful information in Financial Documents; Working Capital Analysis & Planning; Selling Production Consumable Goods; Selling Investment Goods; Selling Operation Consumable Goods; Financing Growth (Organic Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions).

Financial Dynamics in Sales

All too often negotiations turn around discounts. But if you knew more about the customer’s finances, you could create more attractive offers than granting a plain discount. This course will provide you and your sales managers with the techniques to evaluate your customer’s finances and build attractive financial offers that take you off the discount war.

What customers do with your products ; Working out customers’ P&L and Balance Sheet ; Working Capital and Return on Working Capital; Cash-to-cash cycle; Impact of discount, payment terms on Return on Working Capital; Leasing proposals.


Negotiations are at the heart of many professional activities. They stem from the reciprocal desire of two (or more) parties who seek to obtain what the other party has. They occur in many transactions: from the most insignificant to the most important ones. However, they consume a lot of time and energy. It is therefore advisable to know how to prevent the occurrence of their necessity by influence techniques. And should it be needed to negotiate, one must know how to manage its processes, which strategy and tactics to use and how to behave before, during and after the negotiation.

Influencing others; The negotiation process ; Negotiation strategies and tactics ; How to behave in negotiations ; Negotiation ethics


Driving and managing an international distribution network in emerging markets requires metrics and tools that are both flexible to reflect levels of opportunities that are highly variable and uniform across the geographies to enable the proper allocation of resources by the manufacturer. Our DEAR© program and our partner mapping methodology are such tools. We train our clients on how to use them and adapt them over time. [HP, Medtronic, Welch Allyn]

Gross margins are under pressure. Supply chains are more complex. We have developed finance training programs for sales force and sales management so they can approach B2B sales opportunities like business men or women and not mere order-takers who can only negotiate the price, i.e. the gross margin. [HP, STMicroelectronics]

Sales in which many different people have a say in the final decision are complex sales. In order to assist our clients who wanted to manage better this type of sales, we have developed various training programs on how to build value, how to drive a sales cycle and how to prospect new accounts, to their great satisfaction. [HP, Haemonetics, GE-Bayer, NextiraOne]